Double Vision

Remote Control Software for UNIX/Linux Systems

Tridia DoubleVision® gives you remote control over the terminals of other users, so you can see exactly what they see and take full control of their keyboards just as if you were sitting at their terminals.

Support calls are resolved quicker and with less confusion than when just using the telephone. Users train as if they were learning in a classroom, at a fraction of the cost. Software demonstrations flow like you were on-site. Unnecessary on-site trips are avoided as you log off users or start processes remotely.

New features of DoubleVision 4.3 include a Windows 95/98 or NT user interface, a convenient way to access DoubleVision from your PC, providing robust terminal emulation and Windows-based help. Additional security parameters give system administrators even more customizable control. Rebooting your system after an installation may no longer be necessary — Reboot Wizard will let you know.

With DoubleVision’s unsurpassed remote control you’ll be in the right place all the time. What a welcome relief.

Features and Specifications

  • View and control any terminal, console, printer, or other device regardless of device type.
  • View multiple terminals simultaneously, or let multiple users view you.
  • Windows interface provides access to DoubleVision from your PC, along with Windows-based help and flawless terminal emulation.
  • Screen Blanking lets you work discreetly while solving problems.
  • Instant Replay lets you see any number of screens of user activity to determine exactly what caused the user’s problem.
  • Record and playback user sessions as easily as programming a VCR.
  • Reboot Wizard will let you know if it is necessary to relink the kernel after installation.
  • Chat with other users in real time.
  • Works with any terminal I/O board, modem, or network.
  • Menu driven interface displays all current users and their processes. Just select the user and go.
  • Getting started with DoubleVision® is this easy: Install DoubleVision® on the machine that is running the application you want to control. Log in to that machine any way you like, and start DoubleVision®. Now you are ready to view any terminal or device connected to that machine. The terminal doesn’t even have to be logged in. By taking control of its keyboard, you can log it in yourself.

    DoubleVision® displays a list of all terminals, their users, and current processes. To view a terminal, simply scroll down the list, highlight the desired terminal, and press [ENTER]. With DoubleVision®, you can toggle back and forth between the user’s terminal and your own. You can take control of the user’s keyboard, or view still another user’s terminal. DoubleVision® handles all of the communications transparently, so you can focus on the task at hand.

    Seamless Interaction

    You can view any tty or pseudo-tty device that is connected to any I/O board, modem, or network. When you start DoubleVision® and select a terminal to view, you receive a complete picture of that terminal’s screen instantly.

    DoubleVision® is both software and hardware independent. The DoubleVision® device driver is transparent to serial device drivers. More importantly, DoubleVision® works seamlessly between unlike terminals — including proprietary terminals. Its unique terminal translation capability adapts to each terminal environment automatically and handles screen reformatting on-the-fly. DoubleVision® translates all keystrokes and screen output in real time using its own terminal translation database. When needed, DoubleVision® supplements its terminal database with the terminfo terminal description language. Or use the optional Windows® interface and eliminate translation altogether.

    Total Security

    To prevent unauthorized viewing of another user, DoubleVision® provides security at the user level. Before one user can view another, DoubleVision® requires that the user being viewed grant permission to the viewer. Then when the viewing session begins, DoubleVision® periodically beeps the terminal being viewed, alerting the user that his terminal is being watched. You can be assured no one watches another’s activity without authorization.

    Customizable security parameters allow you to set access permissions to fit your unique needs.

  • Specify which users may view a given host user.
  • Define which terminals may run DoubleVision®.
  • Grant users permission to connect to a terminal that’s “at login”.
  • Platforms Supported

  • AIX 3.2.5/4.1.x/4.2.x/4.3.x
  • DG/UX 88k 4.11 MU03-MU05
  • DG/UX Intel 4.11/4.11 MU03-MU05/4.20
  • HP-UX 10.10/10.20/11.00 (32 & 64 bit)/11.11 (32 & 64 bit)
  • SCO UNIX/SCO MPX 3.2.4.x/3.2.5.x (OpenServer V)
  • SCO UnixWare 2.x/7.0x/7.1x
  • SUN Solaris Intel 2.4/2.5/2.6/2.7
  • SUN Solaris Sparc 2.5.x/2.6.x/2.7.x (32 & 64 bit)
  • LINUX (Red Hat 6.0, 6.1/6.2/7)