VIPRE Enterprise

vipre-enterprise-screen Sunbelt realizes that as a system / security administrator, you have better things to do than to put out fires and listen to end users complain about slow computers. VIPRE Enterprise was built for the administrator that is sick and tired of old-style antivirus programs that have bolted on module after module and now are peddling bloatware as a security solution.

VIPRE Enterprise is designed to optimize overall performance by melding antivirus and spyware protection together into one, single, powerful engine. This combination of technologies gives you high-performance anti-malware software that doesn’t slow down users’ PCs, is low on system resources, and makes it easy for you to protect your network.

With its next-generation technology, VIPRE Enterprise means powerful antivirus and spyware protection against today’s highly complex malware threats. No more system slowness and resource headaches of older antivirus products!

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VIPRE Enterprise Takes a Bite out of Bloatware

Read the reviews:

PC Magazine: “As its name indicates, Sunbelt Software’s VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware 3.1 is designed to handle all kinds of malicious software, and it does a very thorough job.”
CNET: “VIPRE combines antivirus and antispyware technology in a fast and light application that also includes a worthy set of security tools.”
ZDNET: “I’ve finally found an antivirus package that delivers the goods. Next, in a followup post he does a performance shoot-out and concludes: “Sunbelt Software’s claim that VIPRE doesn’t hog system resources and doesn’t slow down a PC isn’t just marketing hyperbole but is actually true.” “A Totally Revolutionary Approach to Antivirus/Spyware Software… I’ve been waiting years for some kind of new technology to emerge to fight viruses and spyware…. Well Sunbelt Software has broken the mold. No one is absolutely sure exactly how at this point, but everyone is excited….”
VirusBulletin:…VIPRE did not disappoint. The design and layout is splendidly clear and useable, the range of features easily accessed and controlled. The protection capabilities are impressive, and will doubtless be even more so once a final release is available.”