The InstaGate™ EX2 Internet security appliance is a bulletproof firewall with virtual private networking that solves the security demands of today’s small-to-medium enterprises (SME). With a sleek chassis the size of a laptop, the InstaGate EX2 firewall/VPN appliance sets the benchmark for functionality, usability and value.

Designed to support 2 to 250 users, the InstaGate EX2 appliance is easy to install, virtually maintenance free, extremely reliable, and backed by world-class technical support.

What really sets this firewall/VPN appliance apart is its extensible design. Engineered with the future in mind, it not only meets the immediate Internet security needs of SMEs, but allows end-users to instantly enable value-added subscription tools and services. Either way, it grows with you, expanding from 2 to 250 users with no boxes to swap and no technology to discard.

The value-added subscription tools and services – called SoftPak™ applications – are delivered via a revolutionary software distribution process managed entirely over the Internet. SoftPak™ applications such as anti-virus protection, Web filtering and groupware, in addition to others, can be instantly enabled with the click of a mouse, forever eliminating the hassle of installing, evaluating and maintaining server software.