Data Storage

Technology for data storage and backup has changed dramatically over the last decade.  Whether your needs are for a static or dynamic backup solution, Data-Link Associates can meet those requirements.  Our client’s data is the record of their business history, it should be stored and archived in the appropriate method for their needs.

Traditionally, tape archives have had the market share of backup solutions.  They provide a flexible solution with a compact media for rapid off site delivery.  They have their downside though:  they have a limited number of uses before they become un-reliable, requires extended amounts of time to perform either a backup or recovery of data.  For most our clients though, this is the perfect fit for their archival needs.  Within the Windows environment, we recommend BarracudaNetworks Backup application suite.  In the Linux/Unix environment, we recommend our clients to Cactus Software’s, Lone-Tar application.

If your needs are more dynamic, we resell the Sonicwall CDP (Continuous Data Protection) appliances.  These devices work in the Microsoft Windows environment, and provide a nearly instantaneous backup of your selected documents and datafiles as they are editted or created.  Sonicwall also offers a ‘Off-Site Backup’ option, which will store your encrypted data on servers in both the East and West Coast.  This off-site backup provides for federal compliance needs and ease of mind.

Data-Link also provides an off-site archival service for our clients.  Data-Link will maintain a copy of your ERP datafiles, refreshed nightly.  This will provide a redundant backup site for compliance and safety reasons.