Web Kit

AddonSoftware™ is pleased to announce the General Release of the Version 6.1 Web Interface Kit. This service kit offers significant new features and functionality and is compatible with existing Version 6.x systems.

The Version 6.1 Web Interface Kit represents the initial entry into web-based applications by AddonSoftware™.  Although the functionality contained in the kit appears uncomplicated, its foundation has utilization far beyond the first glance.  Our experience to date indicates that an interested AddonSoftware™ customer will be very excited about the overall possibilities of the application, and will immediately visualize even greater benefits with a few customizations.

The Web Interface Kit enables the integration of the World Wide Web to existing actual AddonSoftware™ data, using an inexpensive, pre-packaged application, allowing many AddonSoftware™ customers can improve their customer service dramatically, at a low cost.

To take a look at the web kit demo, follow the instructions below:

  1. Use the account name: ‘guest’
  2. Use the password: ‘alpha1′
  3. Click Here