Employees expect accurate, on-time paychecks. But today’s work environment requires an often confusing array of pay structures, from per diems to piecework. Multiple pay structures and deductions can sometimes affect accuracy. However, you can count on the AddonSoftware™ Payroll Processing application to satisfy your complex requirements with a flexible, easy-to-use payroll processing solution.

You’ll have accuracy, unlimited flexibility, and complete security.

A flexible design allows you to define an unlimited number of earnings, deductions, taxes, and employer contributions of almost any type: 401(k) deferrals, bonuses, piece rates and all the standard earning types. Each employee can have taxes and employee contributions for multiple states and localities.

Because you define pay deductions and tax codes, it’s easy to design your own reports. Each column lays out like a spreadsheet – you simply determine the headings and the contents of each.

The AddonSoftware™ system helps you reduce embarrassing, and sometimes costly, errors through re-calculation, adjustment and reporting cycles. You have complete flexibility to make corrections and adjustments until you actually print the check.

You’ll have piece of mind; a series of security levels and passwords provide complete payroll confidentiality.

AddonSoftware™ Payroll is a flexible, cost-effective solution to your complex employee needs

  • You can meet government reporting requirements with ease, such as printing W-2 forms on demand. Numerous other reports are available for printing earnings, deductions, taxes, employer contributions, accruals, and other employee status information. You’ll always have the ability to reprint that information because each quarter is tracked separately.
  • You will be able to locate employee information easily. You can find an employee by name or by keying in any portion of the employee number, or by any character string (keyword) from the employee record. Numbers are from 1-9 characters and can be segmented for divisions and departments.
  • Retrieve, display, and print employee data from one inquiry point. You can maintain comprehensive employee data such as emergency information, hire, review, anniversary, and termination dates, and pension information.
  • You automatically accrue sick and vacation pay, and you may use any type of earnings to accrue sick leave, vacation or other compensatory time or money; accruals are made each pay period.
  • You can maintain your own tax tables and enter them as they appear in government publications.
  • AddonSoftware™ offers you straightforward employee termination and reactivation changes. You can terminate or reactivate employees at any time. W-2 reporting will be a snap because all employee information is retained until year-end. If you change an employee’s number, all related payroll information is automatically transferred to the new number.
  • Save time with automatic payroll generation. You can automatically generate earnings for salaried employees, employees working a standard number of hours, and voluntary employee deductions as part of payroll processing.
  • You’ll be able to distribute earnings by department and job title with a convenient labor distribution feature. You can print a labor distribution report before you print checks. Monthly, quarterly and yearly history reports are also available.
  • Quickly locate and display all checks issued to an employee for the current year, including computer checks, manual checks, and check reversals. Earnings, deductions, taxes and the check amount are shown in the same format you specified on the Payroll Check Register.
  • Your tax reporting is simplified by magnetic media reporting. The AddonSoftware™ Payroll system produces annual W-2 information on IRS-approved media formats.
  • Alphanumeric employee numbers are supported.