Order Processing

Increase sales and make it easier for your customers to order by using the AddonSoftware™ Order/Invoice Processing application. You’ll have instant access to all the information needed to place orders, making ordering simple and straightforward. It all adds up to satisfied customers and repeat orders.

Improve customer service, boost revenues, and streamline your order entry.

You’ll be able to answer customer questions quickly with instant information retrieval. Questions about order status, special pricing, inventory availability, scheduled purchase order receipts, sales and payment history can be answered quickly from any input field on any screen using the SpeedSearch feature.

Salespeople will be more effective because they’ll have instant access to information about associated sales and history of prior purchases, as well as alternate and superceded items. A complete invoice history also helps in resolving billing disputes and can eliminate uncollectable shipments before problems arise.

Backorders? Fill them quickly with the Suggested Backorder Fill Reports. You can continue to enter orders during invoice updates and period-end processes with on-line mechanisms.

AddonSoftware™ Order Invoice Processing:
Increase Customer Satisfaction; Eliminate Credit Risks; Monitor and Track Orders.

  • Eliminate credit risks before they happen. You set the conditions that determine when a credit review is required before filling an order. The Credit Manager is immediately notified of the credit exception and can modify terms, cancel the order, hold it for payment, or release it for shipment. You have immediate access to all credit information: open receivable balances, open order balances, held order balances, and backordered balances.
  • You’ll find customer orders easily. Any open order, backorder, held order, or quote can be located by order or invoice number, customer PO number, status, or any character string (keyword) from the Open Order file.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with flexible pricing capabilities based on item class, customer type, and quantity ordered. You can give beginning and ending dates to contract pricing for specific items. When exact pricing is needed, operators can enter a one-time product price on a specific order.
  • You can enter orders anytime with a comprehensive order and invoice locking mechanism. You’ll be able to do uninterrupted entry from all terminals during every process — even daily updates.
  • You can maintain the available inventory with each order entered by using automatic inventory commitment and scheduling. Set scheduled ship dates for each line item, and commit stock for future orders as ship dates approach. The Shipping Schedule Report plans outgoing orders for you.
  • You’ll be able to locate data easily by opening windows. AddonSoftware™ offers multiple search selections such as telephone number, contact name, stocking vendor, keyword, or alpha search. You will be able to find inventory items, customers, and ship-to addresses quickly.
  • You can enter one-time customers into the system and maintain temporary customer information until the sale has been invoiced and paid.
  • You’ll have the ability to generate duplicate invoices and orders on demand. You can also create automatic credit memos from shipped invoice histories.
  • Maintain multiple customer ship-to addresses to facilitate on-time deliveries. Addresses may be pre-defined or created during order or invoice entry.
  • Special items and charges are easy to handle. Simply enter non-stock items, freight charges, miscellaneous charges, and memo lines on orders or invoices.
  • You can activate special features for over-the-counter sales operations including processing of cash, check and credit card sales, on-line inventory availability checking, and on-demand order or invoice printing.
  • The Sales Register may be printed in either customer or invoice number order; you choose!
  • Order/ Invoice Processing Reports:

  • Order/Picking List
  • Order Status by Customer
  • Order Status by Item
  • Shipping Schedule Report
  • Order Detail Report
  • Invoice Edit Report
  • Sales Register
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Salesperson Commission Report
  • Monthly Sales Register
  • Invoice History Report
  • Customer/Job Report