Gain control of purchasing, fabrication, assembly and manpower requirements for your manufacturing operation with the AddonSoftwareâ„¢ Material Requirements Planning (MRP) application. This is the ultimate planning tool, combining inventory status, the bill of materials list, lead times, and your forecast to produce comprehensive reports. You can quickly identify which items should be purchased, which should be produced, and what resources are required.

Simplify scheduling and reduce stock outs with long-term planning.

With MRP, you’ll always have the right raw materials on hand. For each forecast period and item you’ll know what needs to be purchased, in what quantities, and by which dates. The Planned Purchase Report give you the information you need to reduce costly, time-consuming stock outs. Purchase requisitions are automatically generated for speed and efficiency.

Create realistic production schedules with the Planned Production Report. It develops a list of items to be manufactured, using the master production schedule. A “what if” feature allows you to create more than one schedule and scenario, and when the production report is approved, MRP will generate planned work orders automatically.

Plan now for the future addition of resources by developing long-term capacity plans. The Planned Resource Report converts the master production schedule into a capacity requirements plan for manpower, machinery, and other resources.

AddonSoftware MRP is an efficient, cost-effective long-range planning tool.

  • Simplify long-range production and master schedule planning with multiple forecast scenarios. You can define multiple forecast types, each with 26 variable-length production periods. It will also be easy for you to set up and maintain multiple production forecasts, each using different quantities or time period definitions.
  • A master production schedule entry is defined for each item to be produced in the MRP calculation. Forecast quantities can be easily replicated for multiple periods, and existing forecasts can be copied for other items that require the same or a similar forecast.
  • You can easily handle resource forecast entry by specifying production resource capacity in terms of resource hours for each operation of the assembly or manufacturing process. During the forecast calculation process, the total number of hours required for each operation code in each period is calculated based on the standards defined in teh bill of materials list. This information is used to produce the Planned Resource Report.
  • The regenerative MRP update process calculates information required for MRP reports. For more detailed analysis of the MRP results, you can view the complete record on screen or print it as a report.
  • Get MRP results instantly with an on-screen inquiry for each item. It shows you the forecast amount, calculated forecast demand, quantity available, quantity on order, projected need, and date required for each period in the forecast.
  • You can review necessary purchases with the Planned Purchases Report. Scheduled purchases for a specified forecast are listed in a convenient date-required sequence. The report lists pertinent purchasing information such as lead time, EOQ, and safety stock as well as all sources and purchasing costs.
  • The AddonSoftwareâ„¢ MRP application helps you reduce stock outs with automatic generation of purchase requisitions. You’ll always buy the right raw materials at the right time. Stocking vendors and their current prices are used. Simply review and approve the requisition, and the PO is on its way.
  • You’ll have planning help available at all times. The Planned Production Report lists (in required date sequence) the planned production that is necessary to meet the schedule. This report provides information such as EOQ, lead time, and material and labor costs data.
  • Your staff will save time and keystrokes with automatic generation of planned work orders for production items. You always build the right assemblies at the right time.
  • MRP Reports:

  • Production Schedule Listing
  • Resource Forecast Listing
  • Planned Purchases Report
  • Planned Production Report
  • Planned Resource Report
  • Pegging Report
  • Purchase Requisition Register
  • Planned Work Order Register