Accounts Receivable

Profitable companies require accurate and complete control of receivables, efficient cash collection and effective credit management. That’s just what you’ll get from the AddonSoftware™ Accounts Receivable application. It’s an easy-to-use system with powerful capabilities for processing invoices, cash receipts, statements, and customer reports. It also tracks and controls customer history information accurately.

Improve customer service, simplify credit management and maximize cash flow

You will improve customer service by providing immediate answers to customer inquiries. From any input field on any screen, you can open a new window, allowing you to answer questions about inventory availability, order status, prior shipped orders, pricing, credit information, payment history, and scheduled receipts.

Monitor and control cash flow with flexible terms for credit extension. Track receivable problems promptly with Aging Analysis Reports and resolve disputes through a complete invoice history. You can also access finance charges and selectively generate statements.

You can improve your credit management by stopping uncollectable shipments before problems arise. You establish conditions under which credit approval is required before further action is taken, and your tickler file immediately reports credit exceptions to the manager for quick action.

AddonSoftware™ Accounts Receivable improves customer satisfaction and manages cash flow as it limits credit liability:

  • You will have generous space for customer comments, up to 100 lines.  You can keep track of customer needs and special circumstances during order/invoice processing.
  • Get fast, complete customer information from one inquiry point. You can retrieve, display and print essential information such as address, purchase and payment history, credit information, open sales orders, unpaid invoices, paid invoice history, and comments.
  • You will have the flexibility to print customer statements based on aging criteria, territory, or minimum balance.
  • Age customer accounts by any date and print a detail or summary list of open invoices in either customer number or alpha sequence. You can maintain an aging and sales summary for each customer showing average days to pay, dates of last invoices and payment, plus historical sales, cost, and gross profit margin. Tracking customer payments is easy; simply refer to the on-line record of them.
  • You can enter invoices without using Order/Invoice Processing by using the convenient conversion and direct invoicing feature. A one-step process creates and prints invoices, then updates customer and general ledger files.
  • Flexible cash receipts handling lets you post cash sequentially by invoice number, apply amounts automatically to unpaid customer invoices, or pay selected invoices. Discounts and small balance write-offs can be allowed as you apply cash, and excess cash and customer deposits can be posted on account. You will save time by posting miscellaneous cash directly to the general ledger without leaving the Cash Receipts entry screen.
  • You will be able to specify conditions which require prior order approval with this flexible and complete credit management system. For example, the system checks a customer’s credit based on open receivables and open orders, past due status, and dollar value of the order. The credit manager is informed of the credit exception and can use the review and release program to change terms, print or cancel the order, update comments, or hold the order for review.
  • Order processing will be fast and error-free; you can customize your own codes and categories. Define salespeople, sales territories, customer types, terms codes, general ledger distribution codes, sales discount codes, sales tax codes, etc.
  • You will have easy access to multiple customer ship-to addresses. Up to one million alternate ship-to addresses are accessible during order/invoice processing.
  • Save research time! You can retrieve a customer just by knowing the invoice number.
  • Save time with optional batched entry and processing of finance charges, simple invoices, and cash receipts.
  • Accounts Receivable Reports:

  • Invoice Register
  • Cash Receipts Register
  • Aging Reports
  • Finance Charge Register
  • Customer Statements
  • Monthly Cash Receipts Journal
  • Customer Ranking Report
  • Customer Labels
  • Customer Name & Address Listing
  • Customer Comments Listing
  • Customer Ledger Card Listing