Shop Floor

Summary Description Cost
Summarize Labor Detail (WO0003) Summarize the labor detail on the various shop floor reports and screens.  To view the labor detail you must be assigned security level access 3 in the Security Group Feature. $250
Material Usage SpeedSearch  (WO0006) Replace the standard Material Usage SpeedSearch with a second window that will display the actual remaining Work Order commitments. $375
Planned Work Order Time Sheet Entry (WO0007) Allow the collection of Time Sheet information while the Work Order is in planned status. $200
Material Issues Commitment Warning (WO0008) Display a pop-up window if the line item would reduce the on-hand quantity to less than zero. $125
Material Issue Warning (WO0009) The system will provide the operator with a warning if an attempt is made to issue more material than is on-hand. The warning can then be ignored or the material status investigated. $150
Employee Efficiency Report (WO0010) Print an employee efficiency report  based on both open and closed Work Orders. This is an indispensable tool that can be used to evaluate employee productivity. $525
Work Order Traveler – 80 Columns (WO0011) Prints the Traveler in an 80 column version instead of the normal 132 columns. $250
Non-Stock Keyword Look-Up (WO0012) Add an option to the Work Order Look-up to search for Non-Stock items. $225
Employee Efficiency Report Item Number (WO0013) Print the item number and description on the Employee Efficiency report. $75
Multi-Warehouse Material Issues (WO0014) Allow the selection of multiple warehouses when processing the material issues. $275
Alphanumeric Work Order Numbers (WO0016) Allows the assignment and processing of Alphanumeric Work Order numbers. $275
Operation Code Comments (WO0017) Allow 99 lines of operation code comments that will print on the Traveler. $200
Enhance Pick List Print (WO0018) Give the option in Material Commitment Entry to print the entire Pick List or just the lines that have changed. $550
Shop Floor Dispatch Filter (WO0019) Add the Warehouse Code as a filter to the Shop Floor Dispatch report. $100
Explode Phantom Bills (WO0020) In Material Commitment Entry, the program will ask the operator if they would like to expand BOM’s that are designated as Phantoms. $350
Always Retain Commitments after a Material Issue is Deleted (WO0021) Disable the prompt that allows an operator to accidentally delete all commitments for a given Work Order when a Material Issue is deleted. $150
Material Commitments Report Filters (WO0022) Add start/stop Work Order numbers and Work Order Type filters. $150
Material Commitment Report by WO Number (WO0023) Print the Work Order Material Commitment report in WO number sequence.  Requires Feature WO0022. $200
Material Issues Auto Application (WO0024) This is a new Material Issues entry program that allows the selection of a Work Order number, an Item number and an issue quantity. The material is automatically distributed to the correct line items.  If you enter a quantity that is less than or equal to all the matching line items on the Work Order, the program will sequentially assign quantities until the entered quantity is depleted.  If the quantity is greater than what is required by the work order, an additional line will be created with the remaining quantity. This is a very substantial time saving modification. $750
Work Order/ Bill of Materials Variance Report (WO0025) Compares the items and quantities actually issued to a Work Order with the existing Bill of Material and prints a list of components that have a variance. $700
Pick List Warehouse Filter (WO0026) Add a warehouse filter option to the Pick List print. This allows the printing of Pick Lists for a single or all warehouses. $75
Traveler Warehouse Filter (WO0027) Add a warehouse filter option to the Traveler print. The allows the printing of Travelers for a single or all warehouses. $75
WO/Material Requirements Report (Simplified MRP) (WO0028) This report compiles data from Sales Order, Purchase Orders, Inventory On-Hand quantities and open Work Orders, then prints a shortage report indicating forecasted shortages by user defined date ranges. $900
Material Comments in WO (WO0029) Maintain Material Comments in Work Order Entry $350
Print individual WO Pick Slips & Travelers (WO0030) Allows for printing or reprinting single Work Order Pick Slips or Travelers. $150
Material Shortage Report (WO0031) During Work Order Release additional Option to print the shortage report instead of viewing on screen. $350
Work Order Close Verifications (WO0032) Allows a user defined verification process to verify that specific entries have been made before the Work Order is closed. Just warnings or a password protected bypass may be defined. $450
Summarized Material Variance Report (WO0033) Compares the variance between the standards at the time the WO was released to the actuals posted to the work order. $500
Shortage Report (WO0034) This Feature will add a Shortage Only option to the Work Order commitment report. $125
Employee Labor Report (WO0035) Employee Labor Report $250
Validate Lot/Serial Flags (WO0036) This feature will validate the Work Order Lot/serial flags status against the IV Parameter and Item Number Lot/Serial flags and print a report listing the Work Orders with a variance. The user will then have an update option to synchronize the Work Order lot/serial flags with the Items. $175
WO Close Lot/Serial Validation (WO0037) This feature will validate the Work Order Lot/Serial flag against the IV Parameter and Item Number Lot/Serial flags during the Work Order close entry. If the flags do not match, the user will be notified and the Work Order flag will be adjusted. $175
WO Header Report Warehouse Filter (WO0038) This Feature adds an option to filter the Work Order Header report by selected warehouse. $75
WO Issue Over Issue Warning (WO0039) During Work Order Issue, the program provides an informational warning if the user attempts to issue more material then required. This helps in preventing incorrect material issues. $75
WO Close Check For Open Purchase Orders (WO0040) During The Work Order Close, displays a partial list of Open Purchase Orders for that Work Order. $175
WO Issue Operator ID (WO0041) Maintain the Opterator ID of the person that did the issue instead of the person that ran the Issue Register. Display with Item Transaction History. $175
Work Order Number Look-Up Reverse Display (WO0043) When initiating a Work Order number, Item or SpeedSearch lookup, the search displays in descending Work Order number sequence. $175
WO Time Sheet Update Cron (WO0044) Run Work Order Time Sheet Register and Update automatically. $350
WO Delete Check Time Sheet (WO0045) Check the Work Order Time Sheet Entry file prior to allowing a delete of a Work Order to prevent users from deleting Work Orders prior to the Time Sheet being updated. $225
Work Order Date Analyis Report Ware House Filter (WO0046) Allow the printing of the Work Order Date Analysis Report for a selected warehouse. $75
WO Op Code Catagory (WO0047) Add Work Order Op Code Catagorys for printing reports based on Op Code Catagory instead of Op Codes. Allows for Op Codes to be combined on Reports. $250
WO Dispatch Report By Catagory (WO0048) Use Op Code Catagories for report instead of Op Codes. $250
Track Last WO, Close Date and Close Qty (WO0050) This feature will track the last work order, close date and close quantity by item. $150
Supress Monthly Totals (WO0052) WO Transaction History Report – Suppress Month Subtotals. $150
Shop Floor Time Tracking (WO0054) Multilingual Barcode Work Order time collection system. The process uses barcoded employee badges along with the Work Order Traveler to collect and report on the production status. Supervisory overrides are available to for post entry correction. Reports and registers are used to update the time and quantity produced to the Ship Floor system. Enhanced safeguards are provide to prevent access to non-shop floor employee information. The system will function with or without the Addon Payroll system being installed. Includes Features PR0015 and PR0016. $3500