System Administrator

Summary Description Cost
Operator Login (SY0002) This security enhancement allows the assignment of a UNIX login to an Operator’s profile. There is no charge for this enhancement. $0
Unix Operator Login (SY0003) The system validates the UNIX login to verify autorized Addon access and establishes the correct system and security settings. There is no charge for this Feature. $0
Speed Search Terminal Usage (SY0004) Due to the proliferation of PCs, we have enhanced AddonSoftware’s terminal usage program to validate an alias in use before displaying it. $75
Review Backup Status (SY0005) This modification will allow a user to display and review the status of the last system tape backup from the Addon menu. $75
Group Access Level Security (SY0009) Design a security scheme for your company. Decide which workgroups have access to the data in varying degrees of accessibility. Assign ’Supervisor’ privileges to allow a workgroup member the ability to override restrictions on a per infraction basis. This provides greater accountability when important information is altered. In addition, this security could be added to confidential reports to restrict the display of costs, labor rates, profit margins and other information. $850
System Logging (SY0011) This Feature maintains logs of program errors and attempts to escape from programs. There is no charge for this Feature. $0
Printer Groups (SY0013) Allows an administrator the universal control over all printing functions. Individual program output can be forced to specific printers for a single user or group. This is ideal for checks, departmental reports and production reporting. Bring uniformity to your teams by defining groups of printers. When printing selected reports on a laser printer, the paper orientation will always be correct. Greatly aids in the setup of new users and the addition and changing printer access.  $750
Fax Queue Maintenance (SY0014) New SpeedSearch option to allow users to view the fax status, redirect and delete their faxes from the VSIFAX queue on a Unix server. An option is also available to view Expired faxes that did not transmit within the defined number of tries. Supervisory access is available. $125
8-Character Date (SY0017) Allows the entry and processing of 8-character dates in a MM/DD/YYYY format. $175
Print Program ID on Reports (SY0021) Place the program ID in the upper right-hand corner of all reports. This assists in determining the report source program. $75
Faxing Report (SY0025) Report of Faxing Information. $250
Price Security (SY0026) Features Locks out Item Price Display based on Security Flags. Requires Security Groups. $250
Cost Security (SY0028) Features Locks out Item Cost Display based on Security Flags. Requires Security Groups. $250
Cover Page Processing (SY0033) Add Cover Page Options to Faxing Module $500