Summary Description Cost
Automatic Calcualtions For Payroll Manual Checks (PR0001) Rather than manually entering the Deductions, Taxes and Contributions, the operator is offered an option to have the system automatically calculate these values based on the current status. $175
Monthly Limits (PR0002) Add monthly limits to the Payroll contribution and deduction codes. Includes the necessary modifications to the Payroll Calculation programs. $600
Departmental Payroll (PR0003) Allow sub-dividing employees into various departments.  This allows the operator the option to run a complete payroll for a select department while having other departmental payrolls in progress. $750
Historical Check Information (PR0004) Save a complete copy of every check issued, including taxes and deductions.  This information can be used for various reporting and recovery purposes. $475
Payroll Union Processing (PR0005) This is the base Feature to offer an enhanced Union Payroll setup and tracking. Adds monthly limits to the various deductions and contribution codes. $500
Check Log File (PR0006) Created a text file version of the Check Register that can be used for exporting into various 3rd party packages. $275
Start/Stop Time (PR0009) Add a start/stop time file to the Daily Payroll Entry processing. The system will then calculate the correct hours and minutes. $200
Daily Time Entry History (PR0010) Save a detailed copy of all entries in the Daily Payroll Entry program.  Normally, the detail is lost when updated into the payroll processing. . $275
Restrict WO Time Sheet Employee Access (PR0012) Allows a flag to be set to determine if the employee is accessible for entry or viewing in WO Time Sheet Entry. This prevents viewing pay rates for selected employees, especially management. $275
Suspend Department (PR0013) Allows setting a suspend flag for a department.  The auto calculation program will skip processing all employees that are members of a suspended department. $200
Restrict Shop Floor Entries To Manufacturing Employees Only (PR0016) Prevents access to non-manufacturing employee information, including lookups, from any Shop Floor module. The access limitation is set for each employee. $250
Supress SSN Display in Employee Lookup (PR0017) With increasing demands to protect personal information, this feature was added to remove the display of an Employee’s Social Security Number from the Employee Lookup window. $150