Purchase Order

Summary Description Cost
Poor Mans’ MRP (PO0001) This complex Feature analyzes the Customer Open Orders, open Work Orders and Purchase Orders and prints a report in a user defined date range listing material shortages and predicts future demand. $900
Drop Ship Address By Line Code (PO0006) Allow Drop Ship addresses for Purchase Order Items that do not use a Drop Ship Line Type.  This critical enhancement allows the tracking of inventory that was drop shipped. $300
Purchase Order History Bill/Un-Billed Purge (PO0007) Utility program that will purge Billed/Un-Billed information through a specified date. $325
Print Item Comments On Purchase Orders (PO0008) Print Purchase Order Item Comments that are maintained in a custom maintenance file during Purchase Order Print. $175
File Verify Non-Stock Items (PO0009) Add a prompt to the line code maintenance for Non-Stock Line Types.  This flag is used to determine if the non-stock line is file verified and the item exists in the inventory file.  It is primarily used to enter non-stock lines that represent inventory items that are sent out-of-house for processing. $250
Purchase Order Billed/Un-Billed Utilities (PO0010) Utility to change a purchase orders receipt status from Billed to Un-Billed. Purchase Orders that were changed by this utility may also be reversed. Quite often a Purchase Order is issued to one vendor and billed from another. One example involves purchases made with a credit card. This Feature is used to remove those Unbilled Receipts from the report Billed/Un-billed Purchase Order report. $275
Add Work Order Number (PO0011) Allows for the collection and tracking of a Work Order Number for stock item line types. $225
Disable Adding New Lines During Purchase Order Receipt Entry (PO0012) Disable the ability to enter new line items during the receipt process.  This prevents receiving items that were not on the original Purchase Order. $125
Disable Access To Order Quantity During Purchase Order Receipt Entry (PO0013) This security enhancement restricts access to only allow a receipt quantity entry during Purchase Order Receipt Entry. $125
Disable Receive Complete Prompt (PO0014) During Purchase Order Receipt Entry, disable access to the Received Complete prompt and set the default to ‘N’. This prevents inadverently removing a partially received PO. $125
Disable Receipt Quantity Default (PO0015) During Purchase Order Receipt Entry, disable the prompt to set the received quantity equal to the order quantities.  The default is left to ‘N’ $75
Production Back Order Report  (PO0016) Adds a production back order report at the end of the Purchase Order Receipt Register update. $650
Alternate Shipping Location (PO0017) This useful Feature adds a prompt during the Purchase Order heading entry that allows the selection of a customer number and ship to number that will be used for a destination ship to address. This address prints on the PO forms. $350
Non-UnForm Purchase Order Faxing (PO0018) Stand alone faxing program.  Does not require the UnForm formatting program, but does require VSI-FAX. $450
Post Purchase Order Receipts to Work Orders  (PO0019) For stock line items that have a work order entered, the item(s) received will automatically post to the Work Order Material Issues entry program. $650
Vendor Part Number (PO0020) Displays the vendor part number during Purchase Order Entry $150
Open Purchase Order Report by Buyer (PO0021) Adds an option to print the Open Purchase Order Report by Buyer code. $225
Open Purchase Order Report by Work Order (PO0022) Adds an option to print the Open Purchase Order Report by assigned Work Order. $225
Buyer Code Entry (PO0023) Adds a Buyer Code field to Purchase Order Entry. This is required by other Features to print the Buyer’s name and/or signature on the PO. $75
Trap Purchase Order Receipt Overage (PO0024) Does not allow the entry of a receipt quantity greater then the quantity remaining on the purchase order. $125
Post PO Invoice To Work Order Subcontracting (PO0026) Allow for posting of miscellaneous charges in PO Invoice Entry to a work order. $275
Non-UnForm Faxing Buyer Code Name Print (PO0027) Prints the Buyer Code Name on non-UnForm faxing instead of “Purchasing Agent”  $200
Suppress Zero Quantity Receipt (PO0028) Suppresses printing items on the Purchase Order Receipt register, if the receipt quantity is zero. $125
Restrict Duplicate Purchase Order Receipts (PO0029) Checks for other Purchase Order Receipts for the same purchase order and item and requests confirmation when adding a new Purchase Order Receipt entry. This prevents duplicate receipt entries between register updates. $225
Purchase Order Item Comment Display (PO0030) Display Purchase Order Item Comments that are maintained in a custom maintenance file during line item entry. $150
Purchase Order Receipt Variance Report Filter (PO0031) Exclude zero receipt quantities on the Purchase Order Receipt Variance report. $125
Purchase Order Receipt Quantity in Purchase Order SpeedSearch (PO0032) During SpeedSearch inquiry, dsplay the Purchase Order quantity received instead of the Quality Assurance quantity. $150
Purchase Order Fax/Email (PO0033) Adds additional entry screens to the AP Maintenance and PO Entry programs to collect fax and email information.  During the Purchase Order Print update, the faxes and email are sent according to the specifications entered. $1250
Open Purchase Order Report Enhancement (PO0034) The Open Purchase Order report prints the quantity received plus the quantity approved in Quality Assurance. $150
Unique PO Number Verification (PO0035) For those users that bypass the system generated PO numbers and specify their own, this Feature verifies that the manually entered number is not currently in use. $100
PO Delete Log File (PO0036) This utility logs records for all Purchase Orders that are deleted. Provides an option for later review. $100
PO Receipt Sales Backorder Report (PO0037) Prints a Purchase Order Receipt trailer report of open Sales Orders that can be filled by the material received. $175
Sales Forcasting (PO0040) Report forcasting expected item usage. $1000
Purchase Order Heading & Detail Comments. (PO0041) Allows the entry of non-printing comments for the entire Purchase Order.  In addition, each line item also has a comment section.  The comments are separated and/or combined into five different options.  The first type is non-printing, the second type will print on Requisitions, the third type will print on Quality Assurance Receipt, the fourth type will print on Receivers and the fifth type will print on Purchase Orders. User selected combinations may be entered. The comment block is 40 characters wide by 99 lines with word wraps, character insert and delete options. The Comments are tied directly to the line and do not use additional sequence numbers. $500
PO Invoice Entry Receiver Lookup (PO0042) Adds an option for a Purchase Order Receiver lookup during PO Invoice entry. This is used to locate the correct receiver number when multiple receivers have been entered for a single Purchase Order. $125
PO Expediting Report By Vendor (PO0043) Offers an option to print the Purchase Order Expediting Report in Vendor Order Sequence or the standard Purchase Order Sequence. $75
PO Batch Lines (PO0046) Additional Line Type to facilitate batch processing. $500
Reverse Purchase Order Receipt History Display (PO0047) Display the Purchase Order Receipt History in reverse sequence. This allows the most current PO to be displayed first rather than scrolling through the complete list. The display is available in Vendor Maintenance and SpeedSearch. $125
Account ID In PO Entry/Print (PO0048) Display your Account ID for the Vendor in Purchase Order Entry and Print on Purchase Orders. $175
PO Rect Hisotry Inquiry Location (PO0049) During the Purchase Order Receipt History Inquiry Screen, display the PO Receipt Location. $150
PO Receipt History Display (PO0050) Display Historical PO Receipts. $350
Product Filter in PO By Item Report (PO0051) Add a Product Type Filter to the PO by Item Report $125