Inventory Control

Summary Description Cost
Customer Part Number Lookup (IV0003) Modify the Inventory Item lookup to add the Customer part number Feature to the synonym lookup. Requires Feature AR0026. $125
Synonym Enhancement (IV0004) Automatically add the Vendor Part Numbers and the IV part number to the Synonym search. $275
Material Shortage Report Quantity Filter (IV0005) Print the Inventory item if the available balance is negative or the available balance is less than re-order quantity. $125
Negative Inventory Report Quantity Filter (IV0006) Print the Inventory Item if the on hand balance is less than zero or the on hand balance is less than the re-order quantity. $125
Shop Order Report (IV0007) Print the Work Order committed items that have negative available balances. $225
Inventory Zero Activity Report Date Filter (IV0008) Print the items with no activity for a given date range. $125
Inventory Valuation Report Quantity Filter (IV0009) Further refines the report selection to only print items with balances or activity for the selected period. $125
Vendor Pricing Tier Expansion (IV0013) Expand the number of Vendor pricing tiers from three to six. This includes the required Purchase Order pricing adjustments $275
Use Landed Costs (IV0015) Use the Landed Cost instead of the standard Average Cost.  The feature activates Landed Costing in Bill of Materials, Inventory, Order/Invoice Processing, Purchase Orders and Work Orders $1500
FastFinder (IV0017) This is a very extensive Item lookup enhancement. It allows for up to twelve different user-defined fields for look-ups. A complete definition is necessary to understand the power of this feature.  Accomodates metric and +/- percentage size variances. $1250
Warehouse Summary Beginning Balance Rebuild (IV0018) This utility is used to rebuild the Warehouse Beginning Balances based on the current on-hand quantity. This rebuild is necessary when the beginning balance is not synchronized with the on-hand quantity. $225
Inventory Maintenance Security (IV0019) Optional Security system that can be used to restrict the users from changing the Inventory Item profile information contained in the Inventory Maintenance file. This feature is different from, and superceded by, the SY Group Security feature. $400
Vendor Info in Item Keyword Look-up (IV0020) Adds the Vendor item information to the keyword Inventory Item Lookup option. $125
Commission Flag in IV Master (IV0021) Add a Commissionable Flag to the IV Master flag to track if the item is commissionable or not. $75
Inventory Requirements Report Vendor Filter (IV0022) Filter the report to only print primary vendor information. $75
Product Type Commision Flag (IV0023) Maintain a flag in the Product Type Master if the product type is commissionable or not. $75
Additional Fields in Inventory Item Transaction History Display (IV0025) Display a third detail line that contains additional transaction information in the Transaction History display. $100
Display Additional Transaction History Information (IV0026) Display the 3rd reference line on the Inventory Transaction History screen. $100
Lot Location (IV0027) Allow the specification of multiple locations for each lot number in the system. $1500
Stock Status and Activity Report Filter (IV0029) This report filter optionally suppress items with a zero on-hand balance from printing on the report. $125
Cycle Code Expansion (IV0030) Expand the Physical Inventory Cycle code to six characters. This includes the selection and reporting options. $325
Immediate Inventory Transfer (IV0037) Allows for the immediate transfer of inventory from one warehouse to another.  No register update is required and no General Ledger postings are made. $200
Conversion Code Maintenance (IV0039) Add a maintenance program to file verify Conversion codes. This includes enhancements to the Inventory Master entry with lookup capabilities. $175
Inventory Production Warehouse (IV0041) Defaults the production warehouse in Work Orders for this item. Includes the necessary Work Order Entry program changes. $175
Enhance Transaction History Display (IV0044) Displays the Customer’s Purchase Order number on the Inventory Transaction History display. $125
SpeedSearch Price/Availability Filter (IV0045) Restrict the display of pricing information to users with a level 8 security or higher. $125
Multiple Vendor Display (IV0046) In Item Maintenance, concurrently display the complete profile of up to four assigned vendors on the screen at one time.  This is used to easily view and compare the pricing along with the other information available. $250
Physical Inventory Tag Process (IV0047) Implements tag processing in physical inventory. This is an extensive set of programs that completes the selection process, prints tags, allows the entry of inventory counts by tag number, prints audit reports and then updates the completed information to the standard Physical Count register. $850
Physical Inventory Report Filter (IV0048) Suppress all zero quantity items on the report.  Note:  Both the original quantity and the Physical quantity must be zero for the suppression to take place. $100
Re-Order Report Filter (IV0049) Suppress the printing of items that have an on-order + on-hand – committed >= re-order point. $75
Committed Quantity Cron Rebuild (IV0050) Automatically rebuilds the committed quantities on a nightly basis without user intervention. $175
Stock Status Report Lot Display (IV0052) Add Lot information to the Stock Status report. $175
Inventory Item No-Activity Purge (IV0053) If an item has no activity after an entered date, the item will be purged from the system provided all other system requirements are met. $300
Shortage Report Work Order Display (IV0054) Print the open Work Order requirements on the Inventory Shortage report $175
Shortage Report Open Order Display (IV0055) Print the Customer open Order requirements on the Inventory Shortage report $175
Shortage Report Open Purchase Order Display (IV0056) Print the open Purchase Order quantity on the Inventory Shortage report $175
Inventory Transaction History Reverse Display (IV0057) Display the Inventory transaction history in reverse date sequence. This time saving Feature starts with the most current activity. $175
Item Maintenance set of Sales Analysis Flag (IV0058) Force the Sales Analysis flag to ‘I’ (by item) $75
Material Type (IV0060) Adds a Material Type to the Product Type maintenance. Options are Finished Goods, Raw Material or Sub-assembly. $75
Transaction Reference Sequence Numbers (IV0061) Add an option to automatically increment the Transaction Reference sequence numbers. This prevents duplicate numbers from being manually assigned. $175
Stock Status Report By Location (IV0062) Provide an option to print the Stock Status report by warehouse location. $150
Unused Inventory Report (IV0063) After selecting a warehouse and date, the program will check to see if the item has been sold and/or issued after that date.  If there was no usage and there is an on-hand quantity, the item will print on the report and any open orders, plus a five year sales history for that item will also print. $250
Update Tag Location To IV Master (IV0065) Update the Inventory master file item locations based on the information entered during the Physical Count Tag entry process. $150
Warehouse Cost Copy (IV0066) After selecting a from and to warehouse, the program will scan through the selected “”from”" warehouse and copy all costs to the “”to”" warehouse for all items in the current firm. If the item does not exist in the “”to”" warehouse, the copy will be skipped and the program will continue to the next item. $175
Transfer Ticket Processing (IV0067) This feature will enable special Transfer Ticket processing which offers an option to enter Inventory transfers in a format similar to Order entry. $350
Item Comment Editor (IV0068) Use a windowed editor that automatically inserts, deletes and word wraps Item Comments. $275
IV Enhanced Tracking (IV0069) Tracks the Order Processing commit and de-commit entries. The audit file can then be used to determine which opertor created, changed or deleted items. $175
Stock Status Report Filter (IV0070) Offers an option to print the Stock Status report with only the items that have negative on-hand quantities. $125
Inventory Activity Report (IV0071) In addition to the other standard filters, an option is provided to print a list of items that had activity within a user selected date range. $150
User Transaction Tracking (IV0072) Add the operator code that entered the transaction to the Transaction display and reports. Requires the Security Group Feature. $150
Inventory Labels By Location (IV0073) Add an option to print the Inventory Labels by location. $125
Warehouse Fax Number (IV0074) Add a Fax Number to the Warehouse Maintenance Entry. $75
Additional Filters For The Inventory Transaction History Report (IV0075) When the selected Transaction Type is ‘IT’, further selections of Transaction Codes are available. This will limit the amount of data printed and assist in researching certain transactions. $175
IV Reports By Description (IV0076) Sort Inventory Reports by Item Description instead of item number. $250
Item Usage Ranging Report (IV0077) Report of Item Usage based on Summary Transaction Files. $250
Inhibit Item Lookup By Product Type (IV0078) This Feature restricts the lookup display of items assigned to a specific Product Type. When properly configured this will assist in preventing the sale of goods that are not intended for resale. The Security Group Feature is also required. $150
On-order CRON Rebuild (IV0079) Automatically rebuilds the on-order quantities on a nightly basis without user intervention. $175
Inventory On Hand Without Commitments (IV0080) Have you ever wanted listing of items that have an on-hand balance without a commitment? If you have a moderate number of items, you can always print the Stock Status report and manually mark the items that qualify. For those with a large number of items, this report is ideal to locate the qualifying items. $125
Lot/Serial & Inventoried Flag Security (IV0081) Security Feature to prevent changing the Lot/Serial and Inventoried flag setting if the item/warehouse is selected for Physical Inventory or if there is a quantity on hand. $150
Historical Inventory Valuation Report (IV0082) This Feature offers the ability to print an Inventory Valuation report for any prior period that contains historical data. The unit or lot/serial cost for the selected period is used when available. $250
IVM Product Change Security (IV0083) Restrict user permission to change Product Types in Item Maintenance. Requires Security Groups. $125
Auto Prompt Supercede (IV0084) During Any Item Entry, if the item has been superceded prompt to use superceded item instead of selected item. $175
IVM Change Logging (IV0085) Keep a text file of all changes to Item Maintenance. $125
Short/Reorder Report Commit/OnOrder Flags (IV0086) Add option to include Committed and On-Order in calculation for the Shortage/ReOrder Report. $250
Quick Questions (IV0087) User customizable questions to assist Order Entry and Purchase Order when ordering an item that has one item number with multiple options. $750
Inventory Turn Rate Report (IV0094) Print a Turn Rate report for the current and prior 5 months plus the estimated the number of estimated 3 & 6 month future availability. This is an excellent report for extended purchasing analysis. $450
Automaic Cycle Code Generation (IV0096) Based on our research we found that most companies shutdown operations at least once each year to conduct a complete physical inventory count. Some other clients use the time consuming task of manually maintaining Cycle Codes for daily counts. By implementing a parameter setup and other user defined rules a standard warehouse cycle code can be automatically generated. This allows for periodic incremental (daily/weekly) inventory counting that will increase the accuracy of the inventory on hand status and relieve requireing a complete system shutdown to count of all inventory items during a single session. User documentation is included. $750
Item Country of Origin (IV0097) Maintain the country of origin for each Inventory Item. Includes a user defined country maintenance file. The file is preloaded with 3-character country codes. $150
Filters For Item Lookup (IV0098) To limit the volume of items displayed when executing a lookup process, a filter option has been added to the Item Lookup to specify if the item is to be set as Included or Excluded (filtered or unfiltered). Each individual user can then elect to implement filtered or unfiltered lookups depending on their preference. The user can change their individual filter options as necessary by accessing the settings located on the SpeedSearch menu. $350
Transaction History SS Lots (IV0099) SpeedSearch Transaction History Display Lot Information by parsing the lot transaction file. $250