General Ledger

Summary Description Cost
Maintain Account Allocations (GL0005) The account allocations are not removed during the period end processing. $275
Financial Report Re-sequence (GL0007) Allows for a user re-sequence the line numbers for the General Ledger Reports detail maintenance. This is a very useful tool that saves the user from manually moving several detail lines to make room for new entries. $750
Financial GL Error Report (GL0008) This utility scans the General Ledger Financial Report configuration and prints a diagnostic listing of possible entry and account assignment errors. $350
GL Report/Account Cross Reference (GL0009) This report prints a listing of all accounts assigned to each Financial Report line item. This is another useful tool that is very beneficial in determining the account source for values printed on the various reports. $175
GL Transaction Report to CSV (GL0010) Print the GL Transaction History report to a CSV file. $250
Change GL Account Number (GL0011) Allows for a system wide change of one GL Account Number to a new number. If the new account already exists, the information from the old GL Account is merged into the new account. All maintenance files are properly updated. $900
GL Transaction Report Audit Number Filter (GL0012) Adds a GL Audit Control Number entry and filter to the GL Transaction History report. This tool can save hours of tedious searching to locate all the transactions related to an Audit number posting. $150
Journal Entry Comment Copy (GL0013) Automatically copy the last detail line Comment to a new line. This saves time, keystrokes and entry errors. $125
Automatic Account Lookup (GL0014) To locate a specific GL Account Number, most operators use the F3 key, select the Name option and enter several characters. This enhancement saves those keystrokes by allowing the entry of the starting lookup value in the Account Number field and automatically initiating a lookup based on that value if the entered code does not match an existing record. This option is available everywhere an Account Number is entered in the system. $500