Bill of Materials

Summary Description Cost
Print Revision Code on the Indented Bill of Materials Report (BM0003) Print the revision code on the Indented Bill of Materials report. $100
Operation Code Comments (BM0004) Add a comment line to all operation code sequences. The comment prints on selected reports. $275
Indented Bill of Material Printing restriction (BM0005) Restrict displaying the cost to operators with a security level of 8 or higher. $175
Copy Bill of Material to another Firm. (BM0006) Allows for a complete copy of a BOM from one firm to another.  All items are assumed to exist in the destination firm. $225
BOM Material Comments (BM0008) Add an option to enter comments for the Bill Of Material components. $175
Operation Code Overhead (BM0010) Add Fixed or Percentage processing to each Operation Code. $350
BOM Obsolete Part Processing (BM0011) After entering an item number and obsolete date, all BOM’s are searched and the items are set as obsolete on the entered date. $175
Component Sales Forecast (BM0012) Option to enter a single component item and date. A display of the BOM that contains the item and the previous 12-months usage will be displayed. There is a printed version of this Feature that offers ranges. $275
BMM Entry Logging (BM0013) This feature creates a text file of changes made to Bill of Materials with who and when information incase changes need to be tracked. $250
Indented BOM Product Filter (BM0014) Add a Product Type Filter option to the Indented Bill Of Materials Report. $75
BOM Time Display (BM0015) Display the total time and operations involved for a Bill of Material $75