Accounts Receivable

Summary Description Cost
On-Account Memo Field (AR0003) Allows a 40 character memo detailing why the payment entry was put ‘on-account’. The entry can be reviewed to assist in later resolution. $75
Sales Tax Expansion (AR0005) Instead of a two character Sales Tax field, five characters are allowed to accommodate a nearly unlimited number to taxing jurisdictions. $375
Show Credit Limit on Aging Report (AR0006) This Feature will print the Credit Limit immediately following the Customer Name on the Aging Report. $125
Cash Receipt Customer Comments (AR0007) This option displays customer comments during Cash Receipts Entry. $125
Customer Maintenance Security (AR0009) Optional Security system that can be used to restrict the users from changing Customer profile information contained in the Customer Maintenance file. This feature is different from, and superceded by, the SY Group Security feature. $400
Default Customer Number (AR0010) Using the ‘DEFALT’ customer number, your staff can setup default information that will be included in every new Customer added to the database through Customer Maintenance. $175
Customer Label ATTN Line (AR0011) The standard customer label print program has been enhanced to allow the entry of an “ATTN:” value that will print on each label $75
Days Past Due on Aging Report (AR0013) This enhancement will print the actual number of aging days on the right column of the Aging Report. As an example, invoices that show in the 30-59 day column will be recalculated to show the exact number of aging days. $150
Invoice Memo Field (AR0014) Provide a detailed invoice payment memo entry similar to the on-account feature $125
Total Monthly Receipts by Code (AR0015) When printing the Monthly Cash Receipt Journal, a total of receipts by Receipt Code is printed on the summary page. $150
Credit Card Posting to Cash Receipts (AR0016) Accumulates all payments entered during Invoice Entry and posts them directly to the Cash Receipts Register for review and update. $350
Aging & Sales Summary Rebuild (AR0018) This utility is used to rebuild the Aging and Sales Summary information contained in the Customer Master record. $250
Track Additional Ship-To Information (AR0019) Add a Fax number to the Customer Ship-to maintenance record. $150
Customer e-mail address (AR0020) Adds an email address to the Customer Master and Ship-To Maintenance entries. This information is then available for custom processing or reporting options. $75
Ship-to Fax Number (AR0021) Add a fax number entry to the Customer ship-to profile. $75
Label Print Program (AR0022) Print shipping labels using the Order Ship-To information. $250
Credit Memo Immediate Payment (AR0023) Posts immediate payment to a credit memo invoice and create a new “C” invoice which will be handled similarly to an on-account invoice. $125
Customer Aging Buckets (AR0024) Tired of the restriction in the Aging report? Use this feature to setup your own aging column date ranges. You decide how the report should look $250
Customer Part Number Entry (AR0026) Allows the entry of a Customer’s part number and description for each standard Item Number. The Customer’s part number and description is printed on the Invoice. Some forms adjustments may be necessary. A report has been added listing the company part number and customer part number, plus additional information. $325
Customer Active Flag (AR0027) Add an Active/Inactive flag to the Customer Maintenance profile. Custom reports and processing can then be developed using this flag. $125
AR Report Form Fax Number (AR0029) In the AR Report Parameters add an Option to maintain the Company Fax Number. $75
Print Contact Name on Statements (AR0030) Direct your statements to the correct Customer contact person. The contact name prints in the address profile, which may assist in the timely resolution of outstanding account receivables. $125
Cash Receipt Aging Days (AR0031) Print the number of days between Invoice Date and Cash Receipt date. This allows management to review payments patterns for invoices that are being paid. $150
Salesperson Change (AR0033) Whenever you change salespersons, this utility sweeps the AR Customer Masterfile to replace one salespersons code with another. $150
AR Invoice Comments (AR0034) This Feature relieves the collection staff from maintaining hand written notes or a separate data base noting their collection efforts. A freeform scrolling window allowing 99 lines of notes is available. Optionally, the collection comments can be printed on the aging report or viewed on the screen. Comments for closed Invoices are available for review through Customer Maintenance. $450
Cash Receipts Amount Change (AR0035) Offers an option to change the Cash Receipt amount without deleting the complete entry. $150
Subtotals For the Cash Receipt Journal (AR0036) Cash Receipts Journal will print daily subtotals for each cash receipt code. $150
AR Customer Statements (AR0037) This enhancement allows for automatic faxing and emailing of Customer Statements.  Defaults are setup by Customer Maintenance. $500
Address Label Filter (AR0038) Adds a filter to the Customer Address to only print selected Customer Types. $75
Additional Statement Comments (AR0039) Allows the entry of three 28 character comment lines that will print on statements. $125
AR Cash Receipts Search for Open Invoice (AR0040) During Cash Receipts entry, searches all open invoices to locate the first non-paid invoice for a customer. This is a time saving tool that assists in efficiently locating and posting cash receipts. $125
SpeedSearch Open Invoice Display (AR0041) Displays the Open Invoices in reverse sequence. Current invoices are displayed first. $125
AR Invoice Historical Lookup in Customer Maintenance (AR0043) Adds the ability to lookup and display a specific invoice number from within the Customer Historical Invoice display. $125
Customer Comment Editor (AR0046) Use a windowed editor that automatically inserts, deletes and word wraps Customer Comments. $275
Ship-to Default Load (AR0047) Defaults the majority of the ship-to profile information to the contents of the Customer master record. Saves time and helps prevent errors when adding a ship-to record. $125
AR Carrier Maintenance (AR0048) Maintain Carrier Information to be able to track shipping informaton. $125
Enhanced Customer Lookup (AR0049) When accessing any of the standard Customer Lookup options, the ship-to profiles are also automatically searched. This greatly assists in locating the correct customer and helps prevent the entry of duplicate customers. $775
Automatic Customer Lookup (AR0050) To locate a specific Customer, most operators use the F3 key, select the Name option and enter several characters. This enhancement saves those keystrokes by allowing the entry of the starting lookup value in the Customer Number field and automatically initiating a lookup based on that value if the entered code does not match an existing record. This option is available everywhere a Customer number is entered in the system, including SpeedSearch. $500
Customer Statements from Customer Maintenance (AR0051) Print A Customer Statement for the current customer from inside of Customer Maintenance. $100
Automatic AR Aging Rebuild (AR0053) The Customer Accounts Receivable aging summary fields are rebuilt using a cron task. This ensures that the summary account status is automatically updated at specific intervals. $125
Invoice Detail Inquiry Optional Reverse Display (AR0054) Provides an additional option to display the invoices in ascending or descending sequence. $150
Rebuild Average Days to Pay (AR0055) Loop through payment history to rebuild the average number of days to pay for all customers in the masterfile. $150
Print Booked, Invioiced and Cash Receipts by Date Range (AR0060) Will print booked orders, invoices orders and cash receipts by date range. Requires feature OP0014. $250
Filter For Customer Lookup (AR0064) To limit the volume of customers displayed when executing a lookup process, a filter option has been added to the Customer Lookup to specify if the customer is to be set as Included or Excluded (filtered or unfiltered). Each individual user can then elect to implement filtered or unfiltered lookups depending on their preference. The user can change their individual filter options as necessary by accessing the settings located on the SpeedSearch menu. $350
Commission System (CO0001) Enhancement to the ADD+ON system that allows split commissions, commission by Item, Product Type and by Customer.  This is a very extensive commission system that provides various reports and editing capabilities. Please contact our office for a complete description. $3500