Accounts Payable

Summary Description Cost
Skip AP Check Stubs (AP0001) Preprocess AP Checks to determine if there will be a stub overflow.  If an overflow will occur, only one stub will be printed and then the check.  This prevents voiding multiple checks when multiple stubs are required. $100
Vendor Maintenance Security (AP0002) Optional Security system that can be used to restrict users from changing the Vendor profile information contained in the Vendor Maintenance file. This feature is different from, and superceded by the SY Group Security feature. $400
Tracking of Historical Checks (AP0005) Normally historical check disbursement information is purged during the Accounts Payable period end update. This feature retains the check and GL distribution information. A Report is included to print the historical check information for a selected date range even after the AP periods are closed. $350
Track 1099’s by AP Invoice (AP0009) Add a 1099 flag to the AP invoice entry.  This will allow the exclusion of selected invoices from totaling into the annual 1099 figures. $175
Post AP Invoice to WO (AP0010) Add the ability to enter a work order number during the AP Invoice Entry.  When the invoice is updated, the system will automatically post the amount into the appropriate sub-contract line on the work order. $375
Check Register Log File (AP0011) Create a text log file of all Computer and Manual checks.  This file is suitable for uploading into Excel or for transmission to a banking institution.  If sent to a banking institution, minor adjustments may be required. $275
Actual Aging Days on AP Aging Report (AP0012) Add a column on the far right side of the report that prints the actual aging days for each invoice. $125
Actual Aging Days on AP Cash Requirements Report (AP0013) Add a column on the far right side of the report that prints the actual aging days for each invoice. $125
Actual Aging Days on AP Payment Selection (AP0014) Add a column on the far right side of the report that prints the actual aging days for each invoice. $125
Vendor Ranking Report (AP0016) This report is similar to the Customer Ranking report but is built from the Vendor summary files. $350
Vendor Ranking Report by Date (AP0017) This report is similar to the Vendor Ranking report listed above except it allows for the entry of a date range for expanded analysis and uses the actual invoice history file. $500
Vendor Email Address (AP0019) Add an email address to Vendor Maintenance. $75
Add A Start Date to Vendor Ledger Cards (AP0020) Add a start date filter to the Vendor Ledger Card printed report. This allows the operator to filter out old Vendors that are no longer active. $75
Vendor Comment Editor (AP0021) Use a windowed editor that automatically inserts, deletes and word wraps Vendor Comments. $275
Automatic Vendor Lookup (AP0023) To locate a specific Vendor, most operators use the F3 key, select the Name option and enter several characters. This enhancement saves those keystrokes by allowing the entry of the starting lookup value in the Vendor number field and automatically initiating a lookup based on that value if the entered code does not match an existing record. This option is available everywhere a Vendor number is entered in the system, including SpeedSearch. $500
Manual AP Check Number (AP0024) Automatically generate Manual AP Check Numbers. $100
Vendor Active Flag (AP0025) Maintain a Vendor Active Flag in Vendor Maintenance $125
COI Flag and Date (AP0026) Maintain a Certificate Of Insurace Flag and Date if required in Vendor Maintenance. During PO Entry Warn if Certificate of Insurace is out of date. $150
Vendor Maintenance Open Invoice By Reverse Invoice Date (AP0027) Vendor Maintenance Open Invoice By Reverse Invoice Date $150
Filter for Vendor Lookup (AP0028) To limit the volume of vendors displayed when executing a lookup process, a filter option has been added to the Vendor Lookup to specify if the vendor is to be set as Included or Excluded (filtered or unfiltered). Each individual user can then elect to implement filtered or unfiltered lookups depending on their preference. The user can change their individual filter options as necessary by accessing the settings located on the SpeedSearch menu. $350
International Phone Numbers (AP0031) Option to maintain up to a 20 character International telephone and fax numbers for the Vendor master and Purchase Address maintenance profiles. The telephone and fax numbers can then be printed on the purchase order when formatted. $175
Vendor Purchase History Rebuild (AP0032) Rebuild the Vendor Maintenance Purchase History from the transaction history files. This utility requires that the current and prior year transaction history files have not been purged. $175