AddonSoftware v6

AddonSoftware™ is a flexible, mature, feature-rich and fully integrated business information system that helps you take control of all your financial, distribution and manufacturing resources. An outstanding price/performance ratio makes AddonSoftware™ possibly the most affordable accounting, distribution and manufacturing software solution available today.

As your business continues to prosper, the user base can be expanded by simply adding more work stations and software licenses. Should you outgrow your hardware or have a requirement to move to another platform, your programs and data files are completely portable to another system. AddonSoftware™ is platform independent and is supported on a wide range of computer hardware, operating systems and networks.

Data-Link Associates currently offers three versions of the AddonSoftware™ ERP solution.

  • Version 6 Standard system: The generic release offers a mature, stable and industry tested character based installation. This product fills the needs businesses that do not want the complexity and overhead of a graphical solution.
  • Version 6 Feature system: The generic version 6 release has been upgraded with hundreds of commonly requested enhancements based on client requirements. When requested these enhancements are activated and sold separately.

Each of these systems is available on a very attractive rental or purchase basis. Please contact our office to discuss your specific configuration and pricing options.