Shop Floor Control

The purpose of AddonSoftware™ Shop Floor Control is to help you define, schedule, and manage your production floor in the most efficient manner. Automatically or manually schedule each work order, either forward from its start date or backward from the completion date. Use the MRP system to generate planned work orders for more efficient manufacturing. You can plan work center activity with the Load Balance display and the Dispatch Display or Inquiry.

Shop Floor Calendars for each work center are provided to assist in planning and scheduling. The calendar sets the available hours for each center, with holidays and days off defined, making it easier for you to maintain schedules.

Get control of work in process through complete tracking of work orders as they move through the shop floor. Stock and Non-Stock type work orders allow the manufacture of repetitive items and “same as except for” jobs. Custom work orders may be easily defined by duplicating a work order template, a work order from history, or by modifying an existing similar bill of materials. Start with a Work Order Quote to help determine your expected manufacturing costs, and convert to a Planned or Released Work Order with a single keystroke.

Use work order history to compare your standard costs and lead times to actuals. Report variances by work order, operations, materials, and subcontract steps from the system’s extensive cost accounting procedures. And you can use the Labor Cost Analysis Report to monitor efficiency and utilization factors.

  • Track planned and quoted work orders
  • Tie Work Order to Sales Order line item for accurate tracking and posting of cost to sales invoice
  • Extensive variance tracking and reporting
  • Automatic purchase order generation for subcontracted steps
  • Shop floor dispatch report
  • On-line inquiry of “on order” status for open work orders
  • Lots or serial numbers can be issued or created with complete audit trails
  • On-line work order information is always available for you to review the current status of each operation or job
  • Automatically generate purchase orders for subcontracted services