Bill of Materials

The AddonSoftware™ Bill of Materials application is a flexible, easy-to-use system designed for companies that assemble finished goods and manufacture some or all of the components. It provides unlimited levels of material usage and has features that easily define and track material, labor, subcontract, and overhead costs. Manufacturing cost accuracy is one of the system’s primary strengths. Built-in flexibility allows you to define your materials in any unit of measure, and adjusting factors for scrap and yield make material requirements easy to define yet accurate to great precision.

Routings, with labor operations and subcontract steps, may be defined for each BOM. You may include manufacturing instructions for materials, labor operations, and subcontract steps in detail on convenient message lines. Messages for materials are printed on pick lists, operation instructions are printed on the Work Order Traveler, and subcontract messages can be printed on purchase order lines.

Engineering change orders may be entered in advance of the change with effective dates. Full change order history is available through the use of a production date, and you’ll be able to generate complete reports showing only the current requirements or a full history of all change orders. Effective and obsolete dates are available for materials, labor operations, subcontract steps, and even instruction (message) lines. Roll up costs on demand, either globally or selectively. Environments without work orders can quickly backflush components after manufacturing for singlestep inventory updating.

  • Easy BOM creation and copy function
  • Phantom BOMs for common groups of items
  • Scrap factor and yield percents for accurate material tracking
  • User-defined Operation Codes for routings and scheduling
  • Setup, Run, Queue and Move times for tighter scheduling
  • Where-used reports for materials and operations
  • Global component replacement program
  • Fast production entry and backflushing
  • Component Availability Inquiry for determining Available to Promise