Sales Analysis

The principal purpose of the AddonSoftware™ Sales Analysis application is to enable you to readily determine your best and most profitable sales avenues as well as those avenues that are not providing the return you need. The system provides a complete, timely, and accurate sales history for an unlimited number of years, reporting sales broken down in many different ways.

All Sales Analysis reports may optionally be output directly into Microsoft Excel® for more analysis, charting, emailing, or other collaborative use. Rolling 12-month sales reports for customers and products help you pinpoint sales trends for quick reaction to the demands of a changing market. Sales dollars, units, and costs are stored for each period of the fiscal years you’ve selected, and the gross profit margin is calculated on all sales analysis reports.

Sales Analysis reports are available by Customer, Customer Type, Customer Ship-To, Territory, Product Type, Inventory Item, Salesperson, Vendor, General Ledger Code, Warehouse, Standard Industry Code (SIC Code), Customers within a Territory, and in other ways.

Most reports offer a 12-month trending format in addition to the standard format, and you may also choose units or dollars for most reports.

  • Output reports directly to spreadsheets
  • Inquire on-line and/or print a report
  • Twelve-month trending reports
  • Identify most profitable customers, areas, and products
  • Output report to Print Preview for on-line analysis