Purchase Orders

With the AddonSoftware™ Purchase Order Processing application, you can gain complete control of your company’s purchasing function. From replenishment analysis to printing, receiving, and payment, Purchase Order Processing is a comprehensive system that helps you reduce costs and eliminate errors as you improve customer service.

One of the main purposes of a distributor’s purchasing application is to answer the question: “Computer, what do I need to purchase today?” Automatic replenishment processing creates a “suggested buy” report that you can use to determine what, when, and how much to buy to get the best purchase price and to achieve your customer service targets.

Track open purchase orders and identify potentially late shipments before they actually become late, and easily recall a history of purchase orders for any inventory item or for any vendor.

For maximum efficiency, on a single PO you can enter multiple shipments of the same item, using multiple required dates. And you can apply multiple PO receipts against a single PO and a single invoice. Fill customer backorders quickly and determine priorities with the Suggested Backorder Fill Report.

  • Purchase requisition entry and tracking
  • Detailed purchase order history
  • Suggested backorder fill report for cross-docking
  • Replenishment planning and automatic PO generation
  • Lot/serial number tracking from PO receipt