Inventory Control

At the heart of any distribution system is inventory control. The key to success for many distributors is the ability to control inventory while at the same time maintaining a high level of customer service. That is the purpose of the AddonSoftware™ Inventory Control application. It provides accurate, current information to help you keep stock levels low enough to minimize costs, yet high enough to achieve your customer service goal.

When customers ask questions, you’ll have immediate answers. Inventory Control gives you real-time updating of inventory balances for up-to-the-moment inventory availability, commitments, planned ship dates, and expected receipts. Use SpeedSearch at any input field for instant response to customer requests without interrupting your current task.

You’ll reduce asset investment and increase inventory turns. Safety stock, EOQ, and order points can be automatically calculated for each inventory item. You have the information you need to reduce stock levels and satisfy customers. Buy the right items at the right time and reduce your investment.

You can increase inventory accuracy with regular cycle counting and complete transaction auditing. You’ll be able to determine how to allocate resources within your inventory with ABC analysis. Reduce stock-outs and lost sales with the Inventory Shortage Report and Purchase Order Expediting Report; keep them under control with Yesterday’s Zero Balance Report.

  • Multiple warehouses
  • Complete serial or lot number tracking
  • Product pricing and costing at the warehouse level
  • Automatic economic order quantity and order point calculation
  • Replenishment by warehouse
  • Maintain average cost, standard, most recent, FIFO, LIFO, and for lots and serial numbers, actual cost
  • Physical inventory cycle counting
  • Detailed transaction history for analysis and reconciliation