General Ledger

As the cornerstone of your AddonSoftware™ accounting system, General Ledger smoothly integrates with all other applications for automatic posting of general ledger transactions—no double posting. For easy data access, a full-featured financial report generator is included. General Ledger provides an accurate, detailed record of all entries, giving you a complete audit trail of any and all accounts whenever you need it.

You can generate financial reports whenever you wish, at any time of the month; historical and current information is always up to date. All financial statements are user-defined and may be output directly into Microsoft Excel® – no re-entry of data for financial reporting. You’ll have the ability to review up to three years of balance information: last year, this year, and next year.

Retrieve financial transactions easily. Current, prior, and future transactions are at your fingertips with the on-line transaction display.

  • Up to 100 companies with consolidation
  • Multiple budgets – up to 26 budgets
  • Easy-to-use financial report formatting
  • Post to multiple periods/years – leave last year open for 12 full months
  • Allocations, recurring and reversing journal entries
  • Optionally output financial statements directly to spreadsheets
  • Post in detail or summary from other applications
  • Define accounting periods with complete flexibility – from 1 to 13 periods
  • Maintain unit quantities in addition to dollar amounts in any account number for statistical reporting purposes
  • Flexible account number structure – up to 10 alphanumeric characters in 5 segments in addition to 2-digit company code