Accounts Payable

Efficient cash flow management is critical to any company’s health. The AddonSoftware™ Accounts Payable application helps you carry out this function with ease and accuracy. You’ll be in complete control of payables tracking, accounting, and management of the accounts payable and check writing functions. Reduce expenses and save time with computer generated checks, manual checks, and reversed checks – regardless of the size of your company. When integrated with the AddonSoftware™ Purchase Order Processing application, the purchase order receiving process is fully and tightly integrated with Accounts Payable.

Standard features include:

  • Enter invoices any time
  • Temporary vendor feature
  • Multiple bank accounts for multiple divisions or departments
  • Multiple accounting periods open at the same time
  • Cash reconciliation feature built-in
  • On-line vendor information always up to date
  • Select invoices for payment by due date, payment group, specific vendor, and other ways
  • Make partial payments with ease
  • Track all transactions by operator and optionally by batch number
  • Keep complete and accurate records of every vendor and transaction
  • Customize your system with your own terms codes, payment groups, department codes, and more
  • Cash Requirements report for planning