General Accounting

Since 1981, AddonSoftware™ has developed practical, affordable, feature-rich, and easy-to-use enterprise-wide software applications for businesses. The companies who use AddonSoftware enjoy The Freedom to Grow® because of its lean efficiency, its scalability, and the experienced professionals who customize and support it.

With the AddonSoftware™ General Accounting System, generate user-defined financial reports any time of the month – current and historical financial information is always up to date. Output financial reports directly to spreadsheets – no need to print them and re-enter the data into Excel. Send any report via e-mail or fax, or output in HTML or Adobe® PDF format at any time.

All of the General Accounting applications are completely integrated for easy, one-time data entry. They are feature-rich, mature, and proven, and they are also fully integrated with AddonSoftware™ for Distributors and AddonSoftware™ for Manufacturers.

The system is comprised of the following applications: