Network Administration

In the past, only large corporations had access to the services of experienced network, UNIX®, Linux and Windows® NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista administrators. Due to the scarcity of qualified personnel and the salary requirements of those who were available, these staff positions were out of the reach of many firms. Now, every business can have access to the technical expertise and skill necessary to keep its network running at peak efficiency, the security and stability of a properly configured Unix®, Linux or Windows® operating system, and only incur the cost involved for the services rendered.

A secure network functioning at its full potential saves money by avoiding or minimizing the effects of disasters such as service outages, traffic bottlenecks and system crashes. Your network is your business - give it the attention and protection it deserves! Whether your needs are constant or temporary, we can provide the required assistance. We will do our best to adapt to your schedule and focus on what you need, when you need it.

Data-Link Associates can install, upgrade and support your Unix®, Linux and Windows® based operating systems and networks and work with you to provide a safe and secure connection to the Internet. We have experienced staff available to install new network devices, software or firmware updates, and troubleshoot existing configurations. Our staff can also take care of your day-to-day requirements, such as adjusting user permissions, adding or removing users, moving printers and other similar requirements. Our services are available now and will be available again for your future needs.