Application Hosting

We fully understand the costs involved in starting or growing a business. Technology, computer equipment and the proper software are a must for any company seeking to succeed and excel in their market. Whether you are faced with replacing existing hardware and software or can better allocate your resources for other business purposes, we can offer you an opportunity to accomplish those goals. Knowing that you need a strong, proven software application that provides the necessary information to assist in managing your business, we have found a way to offer you the full power and value of current technology and software at a fraction of the purchase cost.

New Clients: For new clients that do not have the necessary Business Management applications and associated software licenses, an option is available to economically obtain access to a premium Software Application Suite at a fixed monthly cost. This program is directed at new or growing companies that do not have the necessary funds to purchase a complete hardware and software system. For a small installation charge and a set monthly service fee, the required applications and associated products can be licensed for use. If at a future date you determine that it is more cost effective to bring the Application programs in-house, the software can be purchased and the data files transferred to your server.

Existing Clients: If your existing server is at the end of its life cycle, it does not have sufficient capacity or has just failed, we have a solution to help you. The expense of bringing in new hardware to replace existing systems may not be in the current budget. If so, we can offer a solution that maintains access to your Business Management Application without incurring the expense of a new server. Both temporary and long-term solutions can be accommodated. When you are ready to reinstall an in-house system, the programs and data files will be transferred back to your new server along with your existing software licenses.

Please take the time to review the Emergency Response Package, which will prevent extended down time and possible loss of business.