Emergency Response

The information stored in your computer is the lifeblood of your business. We recognize and value the need for the integrity and security of this data. In the event of a complete server failure or other disaster, we can provide the necessary recovery opportunities for continuing access to your business information while allowing near normal operations. To better support your needs, we are offering these two services in our Emergency Response Package.

Emergency Access: With a few restrictions, multi-user remote access to archived data files and application programs is available. This is primarily used when the in-house server has failed and the repair or replacement will take several days to complete. Using our Application Hosting interface, our clients are able to continue their normal business functions with minimal interruption via our remote server. When the in-house server is returned to service, the current data files are transferred back to the client site and normal operations may be resumed.

Offsite Nightly Backup: If the programs and files are being archived nightly with the Offisite Nightly Backup service, access to the application can be provided in less than 30 minutes.