Our History

Data-Link Associates, Inc. was established in 1983 as a custom software house. At that time there were only a few affordable bundled software packages that provided a minimal amount of functionality for small to medium size businesses. Because of this limitation, it was customary to write a complete set of individual application programs to collect the necessary information to assist our clients in tracking information and making management decisions. In 1984 we adopted the AddonSoftware™ suite of software products. This provided a base set of application programs that could then be tailored to meet the unique data collection and communication requirements of each client, resulting in a significant cost savings. Using this set of programs we have installed complete systems for a variety of industries, including distributors, manufacturers, job shops, large poultry farms, and many other unique businesses that are not afforded the option to purchase a standard package that would fit their needs. As new products became available, those offerings were included in our Feature release of the application programs. Some Features involved integrating third party services for data exchange with Microsoft Office® products, Internet access, web interface, laser forms generation, document management, and automated email and faxing of various documents, such as Order Acknowledgments, Shipping Notifications, Invoices, Historical Invoices, Statements and Purchase Orders.

In 1999 we started searching for an additional software package. Our intent was to offer our clients an option for their base application. After spending several years and hundreds of hours reviewing all the leading packages, we elected to implement the Sage MAS 90 ERP & Sage MAS 200 ERP Suites and the new Extended Enterprise Suite.  Nearly a decade later, we have multiple successful installations in varied industries.

In addition to offering software solutions, a select set of compatible hardware products is also available. These offerings are from major manufacturers, such as Hewlett Packard, Compaq, IBM, 3com®, Okidata® and others. This allows us to provide the installation and support of completely integrated systems that have been tested and have proven reliability and compatibility.

We also have extensive business relationships with a wide variety of other companies that provide services and specialized expertise in areas that we have elected not to pursue. This enables us to be your single contact for an even wider range of services and products.

Our Mission

To summarize, our mission is to provide our clients with complete cost effective business solutions that are technologically current, stable, easy to maintain, learn and use, and that provide for maximum growth and flexibility to meet future requirements. To meet this goal, we have four experienced technicians that provide the analysis, configuration, installation, customization, training, and timely customer support to assist our clients in operating their business in an efficient and profitable manner. In addition, our staff continually conducts hands-on review and training on new products to determine if our clients can benefit from the advances in new hardware and software releases.

Thanks to customer referrals, more than 110 clients are now supported, each with a varying demand on our resources.