Data-Link Associates has provided computer hardware and software consulting services to various industries since 1983. Many of these partner relationships have existed for nearly two decades. Because we do not advertise or have a dedicated sales staff, all of our new clients are the result of satisfied customer referrals.


As a consulting company, our first concern is to make sure the client receives the best possible solution within their budget limitations. To facilitate this goal we provide analysis services and discuss the current data processing requirements, where the company plans to be next year, and in five years. In conjunction with this and other pertinent information, a system can be designed and optimally implemented for most clients. In the unlikely event that we cannot offer a suitable software solution, we will assist in locating the appropriate software from another source or vendor. The objective has always been to provide the best possible solution that conforms to the way the client does business.

In addition to the software consulting, various hardware recommendations are offered. Our hardware consulting services include server and network component selections, installation, and software maintenance for both Unix and NT operating systems.

With our wide range of expertise, we can very easily become a single point of reference for all your computing questions and needs.

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